Our People Make the Difference

Bill Feaster
Founder of Sellion Inc. 28 years Consumer Products (CPG) Sales & Marketing management experience with leading Fortune company’s (Revlon, Unilever, Helene-Curtis), Drypers. Heavy concentration on Health, Beauty, OTC, Natural and Private Label products. Certified Practice of Management Program at Brown University, Bill is a retail industry veteran, expert at creating brand success via retail access, direct-response programs and new product development. 


Bill has been involved in a number of New Product Launches and restages over his career, including Revlon Internationals, Alway Skincare, Revlon Flex restage, Lady Mitchum, Clean & Clear Haircare, Clean & Clear Skincare, Nutrasome Haircare, Colorsilk restage, NoSweat Deodorant, Degree Deodorant, Vibrance Haircare, Salon Selectives Styling, Alpha-Flex, Nuretix Weightloss, Dr. Enrico's Neuropasil, Neuravite, Dr. Blaine's Tineacide, Callus Care, Nail Rock, Carlo di Roma Cosmetics, Aeura, Drypers Baby Diapers, Drypers Baby Wipes, XClaim Detergent, Brita Water Filters, Zap Strips, Imvia, Clockworks Digestive Health, Survival Tabs, Bagpodz, Heel brand restage, Topricin Footcare, KingBio SafeCare, SwabPlus, Vidazorb, Ostinol, Pillo1, Cannamax, Immortal Herbs, Carramance, Sankom, Rostan Feminine products and others.


Bill's passion is helping new product entrepreneurs be as successful, encouraging and mentoring product ideas of all kinds. 

Donald Tucker, Executive VP - A 30 year veteran of the Life Sciences, Consumer Products and technology-centric industries, with extensive strategic and operating consulting experience for industry leaders and Fortune 50 companies. As a Senior Partner (retired) with Accenture for over 26 years, had direct responsibility for guiding, consulting and advising a number of the world’s most successful global companies in the growth and complex-change phases of their businesses. Client examples include: Nike, Frito‐Lay, Amgen, Genentech, Guidant, Kraft/General Foods, ConAgra, Nestle US, GE Healthcare, and Colgate Palmolive. In a leadership role with these clients,  he was directly responsible for working with boards, executive management and assigned leadership teams to ‘find‐the‐edge’ of new technology, new science, new markets and/or new capabilities. A strategic visionary with a clear sense of purpose and urgency, and a recognized expert in high-performance management and operations; extensive experience in working with industry leaders throughout North America, South America and Europe.

Alan Klein
An expert in global branding. He is responsible for Strategic Creativity, including market research, positioning, packaging and advertising for new products and established brands. Senior-level positions at Marketing Corporation of America, Foote, Cone & Belding, McCann-Erikson, Grey Advertising, P&G, Bristol-Myers.

Caroline Feaster Alexander
Ms. Feaster is responsible for all Marketing Research for our clients and provides an exciting element to Sellion’s marketing department. Caroline also manages all aspects of trade show and in-store sampling programs for our clients.


Gary Polk, Professor

Gary Polk has been a Lecturer of Business Management since 1991 starting at CSU, Northridge, and since 2001 to present, Polk teaches at CSU, Dominguez Hills. Polk’s ability to bridge the real world to the textbook world has made him a very successful professor. Polk founded Polk Consulting Group in 1989 after enjoying 10 years with Bank of America as a Commercial lender and Assistant Area Credit Administrator. Polk now joins the Sellion Team in the role of financial and strategic management consultant.

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