Strategic Development

We are experienced NPD strategists and planners. We will work with you or directly manage the process for creating the required elements to support capital raise activities, profitability and to achieve your success at retail.

Brand Building Tools

Our process has been developed as a result of 30 years industry experience. We know how to do it, we understand the process and what retail buyers look for in a new product. Our menu of services are customized for your needs.

Sales & Distribution

 We provide access to every major US retailer & distributor HQ buying office. If needed we will provide warehousing & distribution services through our 3rd party services. Our reach extends to offshore opportunities to help you grow.

Building blocks to your success!


Our Fast Start Program is the most comprehensive process available today to achieve success at retail. Our program  has been designed to support the profitable commercialization of your product or service!


We've created this program based upon sound and proven scientific principles for new product launch. By relying on our stage/gate model we take a deliberate and diligent step-by-step approach to build your brand. Our 6-step process will reduce launch timing, improve your success and provide the opportunity for maximium profitability throughout your brand's entire life cycle.  

Commercial Viability Study & Analysis

We provide an in-depth review of your new product launch or ‘cross-over’ by evaluating the potential opportunities and identifying the risks &rewards before the launch.

This comprehensive analysis delivers definitive professional perspectives on issues such as Pricing strategy, product positioning, channel strategy, marketing and merchandising that will impact your decision-making process before you invest in a major launch or line-extension.

This evaluation is based on our extensive retail experience and 30 years competing in the industry.

Financial Plan

Critical to your success will be your ability to successfully manage the financial elements of the launch. A sound financial plan starts at the sku-level and builds to a detailed ‘launch forecast’.


Using our proven financial models, we challenge each and every component that comprises your pricing strategy. Sku-level models reach inside the sku p&l to ensure we are financially competitive.The comprehensive launch forecast blends the dynamics of the sku-level p&l with a fact-based sales forecast. The resulting analysis delivers a practical, realistic plan designed to support a successful launch while maximizing your brand’s profit potential. This tool is essential to any new product launch or line extension.


Our financial modelling tools are used by brand managers and many financial institutions to conduct the required due-diligence to support decision making and to help understand financial risk & rewards.

Marketing Plan

Every product launch has to contain a comprehensive Marketing support plan. Without the commitment to marketing, your brand will not be successful.


Leveraging the knowledge and resulting analysis from the Financial Plan, we will budget projected Sales revenues and apply these budgets to specific marketing activities needed to grow your brand. This knowledge gives us the ability therefore to create a practical Marketing Plan Blueprint. Advertising/Spending projections can then be validated based on facts and realistic sales expectations.


The combination of the Marketing plan and the fact-based spending projections, validate your brand's Marketing Plan with retailer buyers. With this comprehensive plan in hand we are showing retail buyers that ‘we get it’ and understand the requirements needed to compete and succeed in retail stores!

Retail Sales Plan

We will provide you with the necessary tools and relationships to gain access to over 100,000 stores across the US.

  • Based on your overarching goals, we will build a Channel Strategy that will include a Priority plan of retailers.

  • This will include ‘brand maturity’ models designed to maximize long-term brand profitability.

  • Consideration will be made for ‘soft launch’ strategies and deploying our online & independent retailer relationships.

  • With our understanding of Category Reviews and timing, we will build a specific sales execution plan.

  • We will build an Annual Plan for each retailer, a forecast of sales & spending, to be approved by you before every sales call

Sales Execution

We will provide you with the necessary tools & relationships to close new distribution opportunities and to protect your interests over the long-haul.

  • Provide the very best relationships and sales coverage at every retailer HQ within the entire US market.
  • Train and educate our Saels Team on your product line and share expectations for our success.
  • Provide sales leadership at every major sales meeting.
  • Provide a standardized reporting format to monitor all activities and provide updates on a timely basis.
  • Provide you with access to key industry decision makers.
  • Represent your interests at important industry trade shows.

Marketing, Pre-Launch Testing & Asset Building 

As the Fast-Start Program progresses we can support your progress with essential marketing tools and relationships. Many of our Marketing support services are executed in-house to give you even greater control and management of your brand. 

  • Live, in-store testing environment using our independent retail partners in select geographic locations.
  • Online testing and consumer research that helps establish you as 'the consumer expert' as it relates to your brand.
  • Digital Asset building including creation of your website, landing pages & Social Media content.
  • Managing of your Web-based sales including Amazon and affiliates.
  • Fulfillment of online orders and 3PL services for broader distribution opportunities.
  • Media buying services for Online Ads,TV, Radio, Outdoor and Event marketing.


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