Research - Testing - Strategic Planning

We'll use a variety of research & analytical tools to understand the opportunity and potential of each new product. 


  • Syndicated Data - industry data available through a variety of knowledge sources including Nielsen, IRI. SPINs, NPD Group, Mintel, etc.
  • Online Research - indepth analysis of the world around us.
  • Industry Resources - tapping into our relationships through associations. 
  • Field Collection - using our 'on the ground' retail presence we can quickly monitor competitive activity and when new products or programs are introduced.  

We conduct rigourous pre-market testing via our digital platform. 

  • Market Message
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Consumer Value
  • Geographic
  • Demographic
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Mix
  • Sales Performance

 Our programs are designed to provide you with our unique experiential knowledge backed by advanced digital marketing tools and industry research, along with an indepth understanding of how the markets work and the psychology of consumer purchasing behavior as it relates to your new product or brand.

 As a result of our Research & analytical testing tools, we determine the opportunity and market strategy within the following framework:


Product Strategy - What is the optimal combination of features, attributes, benefits, price/value proposition, and best positioning for retail buyers and end customers?


Customers - Who are your ideal customers?  How are they segmented by demographics, lifestyle, product usage, and benefits desired?


Sales Channels - In which channels are there an opportunity for your unique product offering?  We'll consider the category, price, customer, and business fit by evaluating traditional retailers, distributors, direct sales, and exports; online and offline.


Competitors - Who are the direct and indirect competitors?  What are their strengths and weaknesses?  We'll examine the competition to find an appropriate product, price, target market, and channel that allows for a profitable business plan.


Our process combines all of your pre-planning and learnings with your over-arching corporate goals.

  • Product 
  • Pricing
  • Placement
  • Promotion
  • Production
  • Impact on Corporate
  • Timing (internal & external)
  • Resources
  • Financial

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