Critical to your success will be your ability to successfully manage the financial elements of the launch. A sound financial plan starts at the sku-level and builds to a detailed ‘launch forecast’.


 The comprehensive launch forecast blends the dynamics of the sku-level p&l with a fact-based sales forecast. The resulting analysis delivers a practical, realistic plan designed to support a successful launch while maximizing your brand’s profit potential. This tool is essential to any new product launch or line extension.


Our financial modelling tools are used by brand managers and many financial institutions to conduct the required due-diligence to support decision making and to help understand financial risk & rewards.


Our proprietary program will give each user the capability to see the entire financial landscape of any new product launch BEFORE commercialization activities commence. The ability to do a 'deep-dive' before investing capital resources will give tremendous support to maximizing your success.


The FORECAL program uses many of the common, but not fully understood or appreciated, costs associated with retail distribution and the hurdles that can delay or inhibit your success.


FORECAL embraces the principles of budgetary accounting and will greatly enhance your ability to manage cash flow, activity spending, inventory, sales and the relationships between all these factors as it pertains to your new product launch. 

Expand your 'new product mindset' and greatly impact your strategy for all your new product endeavors. 


The Summary Report encompasses your entire New Product Launch P&L. This is a great tool for planning and is critical for presenting to your board members, financial institutions and investors.

The ForeCal Forecast Tool

Our tool has been created & designed specifically to support the New Product Launch.


Our clients now have the capability to create detailed ProForma financial projections based on hard data points. 


ForeCal elliminates much of the guess work required for a successful launch.


Standard financial proejctions are available for presentation to investors and financial insititutions to help secure funding for your launch.


This is a general look at the Cash Flow timing based on the information you've provided and established retail industry practices. Understanding the full financial plan investors/banks require will add greatly to your success!

Our FORECAL tool will help shape your persectives on your New Product Launch. This is a valuable tool for any New Product company looking to maintain a competitive edge! 


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