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LIGNANS:  Life Extension Magazine Releases Ground Breaking Health News

For Immediate Release


Boston (January 25,2008)---- Life Extension magazine’s just released January issue features a

ground breaking article on LIGNANS.  Life Extension is a leading resource for health conscious

consumers and industry information ( . The perceived value of lignans has grown

dramatically over the last few years.  We who have been following the trend already

understand their HUGE importance based on the 50 + studies conducted on the ingredient as a

powerful antioxidant and beneficial phytoestrogen.

What is a Lignan?

Not all LIGNANS are created equal. No one company has completely commercialized LIGNANS

for market, until now. Sellion, a professional brand management company has developed and is

prepared to launch IMVIA (full spectrum flax seed lignans) into Natural/Healthfood retailers.

Sellion has a solid resource for IMVIA brand Flax Seed Lignans, which are manufactured in

GMP,FDA approved facilities right here in the USA.  No other producer of naturally derived flax

hull lignans has mastered the proprietary process called “cold milling,” which renders the

product extremely shelf stable and free of potential for damage.

Sellion understands the need for all of us to stay healthy.  Our mission is to support the concept

of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINEthrough education, marketing and brand awareness. For more

information about all of Sellion’s products, log onto



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