Sell More ! Increase Retail Sales 

Access Every Major US Retail Buying Headquarters. Our reach includes Distributors & Wholesalers too! 


  • Drug/Pharmacy
  • Mass & Deep Discount
  • Food & Grocery Stores
  • Beauty & Specialty 


  • National Publications
  • Category-Specific to your product
  • Seasonal Programs
  • Special Media Placement 


  • Leading Platforms covered
  • Media Production - Long/Short Form
  • Discount Media Buying
  • Talent Acquisition 

US Retail

 We direct your sales campaign into the most lucrative sectors available today. These are industry sectors that we've had years of experience and long-standing relationships. 


 Based on our experiences, we know what works in this environment, so we work with you to develop the right strategy for your brand. And, since we know the key trigger points of acceptance for buyers, we protect your interests and build a customized program for your brand before any sales calls are ever executed on your behalf. 


 Our Online Team has deep experience and knowledge of digital media. So whether we're building a stand-alone sales campaign or a comprehensive sector campaign, the strength of the entire organization is behind you supporting your brand!

Our professional sales management team includes seasoned industry veterans directing our local sales teams which are motivated, trained and focused on achieving your objectives. We provide you with instant credibility in the industry and access to all key retailers nationwide. We'll work with you to build your Sales Strategy based on these main elements:


Channel Selection - We'll first review Retailers (Food, Drug, Mass, Department, Discount, and Specialty), Buying Groups, Catalog Houses, Distributors, Television, Internet (retailers and direct sales), and the Military. Then target the right channels based on the product life cycle stage, brand equity, category fit, reach, pricing & trade terms, supply capability, and compliance.


Motivating Channels - In tandem to your pricing strategy, we'll determine channel-specific promotional methods like: volume discounts (one-time v. cumulative), long-term contracts, advertising allowances, coupons, guarantees, and sales promotional incentive funds.


Training - First we'll train salespeople and channel partners on the product's benefits, features, and competitive positioning. Secondly, we'll develop for you a deep knowledge of who the channels and their buyers are; How to market the product including best sellers, new items, POS display options, and complementary goods; How to manage the channel business regarding sales, finance, lifecycles, succession planning, promotional campaigns, and agreements; and Inventory management in terms of planning, forecasting, replenishment, and pricing.


Pipeline and Sales Analysis - Monitoring your active sales efforts in terms of negotiation stage, channel, volume (dollar and unit), and time is of utmost importance to production planning and reaching sales and profit goals. We'll manage this process for you through field reports, data analysis, and appropriate responses to dynamic changes in the marketplace.


 Gain access to America's leading retailers by leveraging our relationships and industry experience. We have a built-in sales team at your disposal covering the following channels....


  • Drug/Pharmacy
  • Mass/Discount/Clubs
  • Supermarkets
  • Prestige
  • Spa/Salons
  • Hardware
  • Automotive
  • Drug Wholesalers
  • Natural Food Distributors


Inner City

Leverage our network of inner-city distributors who supply thousands of smaller independent stores throughout the country.


This is an excellent program for launching new products or for testing new product campaigns.


Our relationships are in most major cities including LA, New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago and other multi-cultural metros. We work hand-in-hand with the local distributor to ensure proper placement is made and our strategic goals are being secured.

Home Shopping & DRTV Strategies

Direct Response TV -

 We help develop the tools to sell your products directly to the US consumer through by using our experience in the DRTV industry.

Advertising & creative material is developed by our team or yours including....

  • Media buying team 
  • Development & production of your commercial
  • Creative advertising concepts & development
  • Website development to support
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