We are a US-based Brand Development team specializing in the successful commercialization of innovative products for the US & Global Consumer markets. We have been helping our clients succeed since 2002. 

The Best Way to Launch Your New Product today!

Strategic Development

We are experienced NPD strategists and planners. We will work with you or directly manage the process for creating the required elements to support capital raise activities, profitability and to achieve your success at retail.

Brand Building Tools

Our process has been developed as a result of 30 years industry experience. We know how to do it, we understand the process and what retail buyers look for in a new product. Our menu of services are customized for your needs.

Sales & Distribution

 We provide access to every major US retailer & distributor HQ buying office. If needed we will provide warehousing & distribution services through our 3rd party services. Our reach extends to offshore opportunities to help you grow.

Grow Sales with Our Proven Step-by-Step Program


Direct Marketing

Retail Distribution

"We will add value to our relationship in every way possible. Through our knowledge, experience, relationships and our passion.

In the event we are unable to meet your requirements, we will strive to add value by finding alternative solutions that will lead to your success".

- William Feaster, Founder & CEO

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