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and a world of experience to help you grow. 



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The NewProductExpress

Our comprehensive suite of programs are designed to prepare your brand for the challenges ahead. 


We provide the Digital media resources ranging from video, banner ads, social media, ad planning and strategy. 


We provide access to every major US retailer, wholesaler and distributor covering chain stores & independents.

We Understand the Markets & Know the Keys to           Selling More, Selling Smart, Selling Now. 

Today more than ever, New Products are the lifeblood of success for any business. 

We have a proven system that works. From Training & Building teams, developing new products, even the consulting tools we offer, everything we do is supported by syndicated data and due-diligence. Our process leads to an educated understanding of the true potential for success, risk and return-on-investment, along with a structured launch timeline that is properly funded and prepared to meet the challenges of today's competitive landscape. 



We will add value to our relationship in every way possible; through our knowledge, experience, relationships and our passion. Your satisfaction is our goal!

- William Feaster, Founder & CEO

William 'Bill' Feaster
Founder of Sellion LLC. 32 years Consumer Products (CPG) Sales & Marketing management experience with leading Fortune company’s (Revlon, Unilever, Helene-Curtis), Drypers. Heavy concentration on Food, Health, Beauty, OTC, Natural and Private Label products. Certified Practice of Management Program at Brown University, Bill is a retail industry veteran, expert at creating brand success via retail access, direct-response programs and new product development. 


Bill has been involved in a number of New Product Launches and restages over his career, including Revlon Internationals, Alway Skincare, Revlon Flex restage, Lady Mitchum, Clean & Clear Haircare, Clean & Clear Skincare, Nutrasome Haircare, Colorsilk restage, NoSweat Deodorant, Degree Deodorant, Vibrance Haircare, Salon Selectives Styling, Alpha-Flex, Nuretix Weightloss, Dr. Enrico's Neuropasil, Neuravite, Dr. Blaine's Tineacide, Callus Care, Nail Rock, Carlo di Roma Cosmetics, Aeura, Drypers Baby Diapers, Drypers Baby Wipes, XClaim Detergent, Brita Water Filters, Zap Strips, Imvia, Clockworks Digestive Health, Survival Tabs, Bagpodz, Heel brand restage, Topricin Footcare, KingBio SafeCare, SwabPlus, Vidazorb, Ostinol, Pillo1, Cannamax, Immortal Herbs, Carramance, Sankom, Rostan Feminine products and many others.


Bill's passion is helping new product entrepreneurs be as successful, encouraging and mentoring product ideas of all kinds. 

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