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We are a US-based Brand Development team specializing in helping our clients grow their business by igniting sales of existing products and building New Products for sale in domestic and global markets.

We have been helping our clients succeed since 2002. 

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Considering a new product launch or expansion into US Retail? This endeavor is not for the faint-of-heart and requires indepth stratregic and financial planning. Growth potential is evident in the sheer number of stores within the retail landscape. However, there are no room for mistakes. 

We use our proprietary modeling tools have been built over time to accurately portray the financial risks & rewards of any retail endeavor. All elements of profitability are considered to properly assess the opportunity. Thes include Retail Price, cost of goods, activity-based costing and potential volume. Our tool is the most comprehensive in the industry and has been used by hundreds of our most successful clients to understand risk and make informed, diligent decisions.


With the continued increased pressure on brick-and-more stores and the growth of online marketplaces, growth into new markets or new categories must be considered. 

We work with you to maximize sales productivity for your existing product portfolio. We help expand your distribution footprint into new domestic markets and find new offshore distribution opportunities to complement your core competencies and product portfolio.

Create Your New Product Pipeline

New Products are the life blood of any successful company. Yet 95% of new products will fail to meet expectations. 

We have a proven stage-gate system designed to take the guess-work out of New Product Development. We work with you in-house team to unerstand the true upside potential of each new product launch, and find opportunity gaps to grow sales exponentially.

Planning for Transitioning to New Market Segments 

The process of transitioning from one sales segment to another is an art. While the enticement of new market sales is real, there are no room for mistakes that could put the entire business at risk.

We have years of experience working with medical, health & beauty companies looking to bring new products into the retail environment. Similar success has been experienced when transitioning to new segments with foodservices, beverage and ingredient companies. It's all about our proven, scientific-based process coupled with market experience and relationships.

We will add value to our relationship in every way possible; through our knowledge, experience, relationships and our passion. Your satisfaction is our goal!

- William Feaster, Founder & CEO

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